Fake review from Facebook Group, being framed to online customers

If you rely on a consumer review for online shopping, be wary. It may be that the review is considered as the basis for buying a product, it may be thrown. Yes, just like the Fake News, now the Fake Review has also come into play. World’s biggest e-commerce company Amazon’s online customers are being framed by Fake Review on Facebook Group.

Amazon’s 260 million customers are being framed by review

  • Many companies and entrepreneurs, including Consumer Advocacy Group Witch of Britain, have acknowledged that Amazon products are being reviewed by Amazon Group. 260 million customers spread across the Amazon are being implicated by giving arbitrary ratings to many products.
  • Witch claims that he analyzed hundreds of tech products sold on Amazon’s site and found that the brand has unknowingly maintained its dominance in search of popular items. Not only this, more than 87 thousand people are engaged in reviewing the fakes.
  • According to Witch, Sellers are listing the products with which thousands of positive non-critical reviews are given. This means that there is no evidence of people who review the product purchased on Amazon or any other site.
  • The investigation revealed that hundreds of unverified five-star reviews were posted on product pages in the same day. There were also positive reviews on many such product pages, whose items were different from each other.
  • Witch searched for list 14 tech products on Amazon, including Headphones, Smart Watch and Wearable Devices. The search for headphones on the first page found that the first best reviews were given on the product, in which 100% of the items of the brand were being sold, which the experts had never heard about.

Amazon delivery delivery needs to send daily selfies

The goods are not fraud at the time of delivery, so Amazon has taken a unique way. The company has ordered its delivery boy to send him a selfie at the beginning of his day. It will be able to verify their records from time to time.

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Sachin Gill

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